(1) Session-Healing, Massage, Meditation or Private Class in Lewisburg office or via phone
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(3) Sessions-Healing, Massage, Meditation or Private Class in Lewisburg or via phone 
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Sessions, classes and workshops are offered at The Greenbrier and  Greenbrier Sporting Club for an additional fee. Weekly community classes are also offered at Bodies in Motion.

Let go of old beliefs and thought patterns causing anxiety, stress, fear, pain, suffering or stagnation. Cari connects with your Higher Guidance to help you identify and release obstacles preventing you from feeling healthier, happier and more relaxed. Energy or spiritual healing, visualization, meditation, sound healing (mantra) or breath (pranayama) may be used. Not diagnostic. 

Completely surrender. Let go of deeply held chronic tension. Feel rejuvenated. Connect to your True Self and Inner Wisdom. Allow more healing from within. Sound healing with Mantra may also be used to affect profound change. Light to medium pressure.

Thai-style Massage:
A transcendental experience. Rhythmic pressure and gentle assisted stretches induce a deep state of relaxation and bliss. Major energy channels are activated to increase pranic flow and support your body’s ability to heal itself. Wear loose comfortable clothing. No oil or lotion. No flexibility required. Done on a massage table.

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word, “Yuj.” It means “to unite.” You’ll use basic yoga postures and dynamic movements to unite your consciousness with your breath and body. It doesn’t take much to shift energy with this kind of yoga practice. The slower you go, the easier it is to change old habits and become more aware of changes happening within you. This mindful practice is designed to help you be even more radiant and increase your sensitivity to subtle energy. Private sessions are recommended for the most profound change. Click here for yoga classes at The Greenbrier, The Greenbrier Sporting Club, and Bodies in Motion.

Kundalini Yoga:
Kundalini Yoga is called the “Yoga of Awareness.” It’s an uplifting and powerful combination of meditation, sound (mantra), breathing techniques (pranayama) and physical exercise to improve strength, vitality and mental clarity. It can help you feel a profound connection to your Inner Light and Higher Guidance. It can also create rapid change. All levels. Click here for classes at The Greenbrier and Bodies in Motion.

Corporate Yoga:
Reduce stress. Release tension from the back, neck, shoulders and hips. Increase productivity, focus and inspiration. Learn simple seated and standing movement for the office or travel. 15-30 minute classes may be available.

Yoga Nidra:
Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” is one of the deepest and most powerful forms of meditation. It’s said to be more restorative and relaxing than any other activity, including actual sleep. You’ll set an intention and be guided in a systematic approach to help you access the subconscious and unconscious for greater awareness and insight. Click here for classes at Bodies in Motion

Guided Meditation:
Feel calm. Be present. Find peace from within. Receive guidance in sound healing (mantra), breath (pranayama), mindfulness or self-healing practices tailored to your needs. Your meditation can be recorded. You don’t need to be able to clear your mind of thoughts or sit on the floor. Click here for private sessions at The Greenbrier.

Sound Healing with Mantra:
Learn and practice Mantra meditation specific to your needs. Mantras are ancient sounds recorded by sages in India thousands of years ago. Chanting Mantra is the quickest way to produce change in the subtle energy bodies. Mantra is chanted for health, relaxation, energy, clarity, confidence, patience or removing obstacles. It’s a powerful healing tool you’ll be able to use for you, your loved ones, and the planet to create change.

Meditative Movement:
Feel relaxed within minutes. Release pain and tension with simple movement. Deepen awareness of your breath and body. This can be easier than sitting or lying meditation.

Fire Dancing Classes:
Learn rhythmic and martial art-like movements with “poi.” Poi is Maori for “ball on chain.” You’ll create mesmerizing geometric patterns by swinging “sock poi” around your body while you dance. It’s a fun cardio, upper body and mental workout. It’s also meditative yet invigorating. Many report losing weight, being happier and improving self-esteem from this simple yet powerful practice. You’ll learn to maneuver the poi safely enough to dance with fire after a 5-week beginner class. Private classes or performances may be available. 

Tarot Readings:
Get guidance on a challenging situation or decision you’re trying to make. This ancient mystical system can shed light on how to break through obstacles, feel free, and empowered. It can help you transform old habits of doubt, anxiety, anger, grief, confusion, and fear. You may be given a simple practice such as a way to refocus your attention or an energy healing technique to help you make changes. No predictions. Not medically diagnostic. 

BioMat Home Therapy:
To support healing, immunity, deep relaxation and better sleep at home, go to

12 thoughts on “Services

  1. Cari,

    So nice to see you earlier on this amazing Spring like day! Just wondering what is the best way to contact you concerning possible treatments? I will be in touch after my appointment Wednesday afternoon.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Allyson, Yes! Lovely to see you too! Texting is probably the best way to reach me, 304.520.5222. The next available times I have are Thursday, 3/12, 11:30am, Tuesday, 3/17, 2pm, Wednesday, 3/18, 10am. I hope your appointment on Wednesday goes well…


  2. Hi cari
    I’m st the GB this weekend . I made an appointment with you . I’m not sure which of your services I’ll benefit most from? This is all new to me . I am extremely Spiritual. And I’m open to healing and moving forward , I’m feeling kind of stuck . Also I’ve Never had Tarot readings I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try but have been apprehensive of negative findings . But feel like I’d like to try . I’m sure you get this all of the time ! I’m looking so forward to our time together .


  3. Hi Lesley, So happy to hear from you! It all sounds great! I saw your name on my schedule for this weekend. I usually don’t bring my tarot cards to the spa but I will for you. Readings are always positive and can help you understand where/why you’re feeling stuck and how to move forward. They can be rather insightful. Think about what you’d like my help with. We can talk about it in the beginning of your session. Then I’ll have a better idea of the direction and what kind of work would be the most beneficial. Sending love and peace to you…


  4. Good evening.. I have heard amazing things about you and the sessions you offer.. I have an interest in attending one and was curious as to the times you offer and how to go about scheduling


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