Cari Cohen is a Spiritual Healer and Teacher. She has been facilitating life-changing transformations since 2001. Cari uses healing, massage, yoga and meditation to clear past and present causes of emotional suffering so you can feel more relaxed and empowered.

Her own healing journey began after a car accident in 2001. In an effort to heal herself, she discovered energy healing. It was the only thing that worked when pharmaceuticals and therapy hadn’t. Through energy healing, she began to heal physically and emotionally and cultivate a deeper spiritual connection in a way she hadn’t known was possible. She immediately began studying and working with clients.

Cari has since completed many years of intense study and nearly 3000 hours of training with master healers and teachers all over the world. She holds certifications from Kia Miller, Steven Weiss, DO and New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. She’s a nationally-certified and state-licensed Massage Therapist. Cari also has a dual-degree from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania.

After finishing 1500 hours of Massage and Polarity training, she directed a resort spa in Santa Fe for several years. As spa director, she assembled a team of gifted healers and created a healing center offering massage, facials, body treatments, naturopathy, acupuncture, sound healing, tarot, and lymphatic, cranial, Native-American healing, and energy healing sessions.

Prior to working as a Healer, Cari spent several years teaching English in Japan and as an exchange student in Switzerland. While living abroad, she taught herself German and Japanese. She’s also worked as a German translator and in social services for children.

In April 2018, she’ll complete her 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with the renowned Kia Miller. This training is rooted in the ancient traditions of Kundalini and Tantric and combined with the technical precision of Iyengar and Ashtanga. It also focuses heavily on Mantra (sound healing with chanting), Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), Meditation and Yogic philosophy and lifestyle.

Cari lives in wild and wonderful West Virginia where sees clients at The Greenbrier, Greenbrier Sporting Club, in her private office and via phone. Cari also teaches at The Greenbrier, Greenbrier Sporting Club, and Bodies in Motion. She travels to lead workshops, events and retreats.

Cari Is That Which is Next and Already Here by Sarah Elkins
Sixth Finger on the first hand of our many-handed God, clear vessel of sight and sound, she is the wide mouth of the laughing child. Bigger than the universe, blue eye sky, brown earth, spirit in Technicolor. Double visioned, and hearing twenty-odd voices, a chorus, one whispering on top of the other. Truth comes in many whispers becoming the voice of everything, and through the wide siphon of sound comes healing. Through the wide siphon of Cari comes our altogether now step into that which is next and already here.

Cari Cohen, Spiritual Healer & Teacher

Cari Cohen, Spiritual Healer & Teacher

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