Class & Event Schedule

The Greenbrier:
9am, Gentle Yoga, $30
May-October and most holiday weekends

Tuesdays & Wednesdays no classes

The Greenbrier:
9-10am, Gentle Yoga, $30
Greenbrier Sporting Club:
10:45-11:45am, Yogamembers only

The Greenbrier:
10-11am, Hatha Yoga, $30

The Greenbrier:
9:30-10:30am, Yoga Flow, $30
10:30-11am, Gentle Yoga, $20

The Greenbrier:
9-10am, Kundalini Yoga, $30

Past Workshops & Events:

Intro Fire Dancing class for JourneyDance™ Teacher retreat

Altar of Creation
Intro to Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing of Trauma & Pain (10-week training)

Berkshire Medical System
Meditation for Executive Management, Oncology Management & Staff

Carnegie Hall
The Art of Touch, Massage workshop for couples

Family Refuge Center
Panelist for healthy sexual relationships community discussion

The Greenbrier Resort
Art & Culture Weekend: Introduction to Fire Dancing
Art & Culture Weekend: Tarot Readings
Corporate Workshops, by appointment only
Culinary Weekend: Sensual Exploration of Food Meditation
Meditation for Greenbrier Management, Sales, Retail, Reservations and Spa teams
Meditation Workshop
Stress Reduction Meditation
Tarot Readings, Upper Lobby Bar Happy Hour, January-March
Wellness Weekend: Meditation
Wellness Weekend: Self-Healing Workshop
Valentine’s Weekend: Igniting the Flame Couples Meditation & Self-Healing

Greenbrier Sporting Club
Corporate Meditation, by appointment only
Healing & Meditation
New Year’s Meditation

Pittsburgh Center for Complimentary Health & Healing
Healing & Meditation
Chakra Balancing

Yew Mountain Center- Wild Wonderful Women in the Woods Retreat
Intro to Poi (Fire Dancing) Workshop 

Kundalini Yoga

Women On Wellness
Intro to Poi (Fire Dancing) Workshop
Self-healing, Chakra Balancing & Meditation Workshop

WV Health Information Management Retreat
Stress Reduction Meditation

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