Healing & Meditation

“It was so truly special and incredible that I met you, (Cari). I feel more free. I forgave myself that day. I think I had been holding on to those feelings for a long time. I know I still have work to do but I have a new connection with my husband. I look at him in a different way now. It’s crazy. Thank you again for inspiring me to open up.” Caroline, VA 

“I have been telling everyone, the highlight of the trip (to The Greenbrier) was (Cari’s) meditation session. I think it is the start of a lifestyle adjustment that will pay dividends in many ways.  All THANKS to (Cari).” Dan, PA

“Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed the session with (Cari). (She has) a very special gift… it’s difficult to express the energy I felt in the room with (her) but it was something I have not experienced in a long time…if ever… This experience has given me a lot to think about.” Emily, VA

“I have experienced such a calm mind and direct, clear thoughts since our session. It’s amazing and I am grateful for our time!” Brooke, VA

“The meditation we did…and the visions it produced were somewhat life-changing for me. As much as I’ve meditated, I never would have believed that a single meditation could have produced such a strong and positive result.” Jane, DC

“Cari offers a completely unique healing gift which reaches into the deeper levels of the Self.  Out of this comes guidance which is completely spot-on and targets whatever issue is currently inhibiting health and ease of mind. Her treatments always open doors for me and allow the blocks to become unstuck, thus enabling energy to flow, and life to move forwards in the right direction. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Sheila, WV

“I am amazed by what has happened with my awareness. Literally, life changing in a positively remarkable way. I thank (Cari) from the depth of my higher soul for setting me on a path of expansion.” Amy, WV

“I love the meditation and have done it quite a few times!  It really helps me to connect!  I have loved our sessions together; they have helped me get back on my spiritual path.  (Cari is) amazing and I look forward to working again with (her) soon!!” Debbie, SC

“I have been meditating every morning and I love it. I also feel more at peace since I have been back to work and less stressed… (Cari has) been a blessing to me.” Catherine, SC

“(Cari) helped me get unstuck and I am grateful for that.  I started getting back into yoga and feel much better as a result.  It’s amazing how much inertia takes over and all that’s needed is movement to create momentum…it’s that easy and that difficult.” John, NC

“I feel much better today and I am thinking more about letting go and not worrying so much… My awareness is much deeper now and I feel more in control of my actions and opinions! I am going to continue working with this meditation.” Tala, VA  

“Cari made me feel comfortable immediately. Everything she told me, I understood automatically. It was so refreshing and relieving to be in her presence! I feel so much lighter, more determined, and less fearful!” Desiree, WV

“I’ve been listening to the meditation recordings (Cari) made for us. They are so helpful at calming me down so I can sleep and recharge!! Michelle loves them too. No doubt it was “divine intervention” that we met (her) at The Greenbrier and we are thankful that our paths crossed. (Cari is) a great guide. (She) is so gifted and special.” Charles (& Michelle,) MD

“I can’t tell you enough how wonderful was my experience. I was so surprised with the possibility of including in my meditation my faith and even more that there is Ganesha helping me as well. I’m so thankful for their presence of all of these divinities. But most of all I’m thankful for (Cari), who validate(s) my faith with such a respect.” Maria, Colombia

“I am trying to listen to (my) meditation every day.  I do notice my attitude seems more calm if I have meditated that day.  I am hoping my husband will give it a try too. When times get stressful I close my eyes and put myself back at The Greenbrier.  It is such a restful place with great memories for me.” Pam, AZ

“I awoke this morning for the first time in years with no pains or discomforts and a ‘rest full mind!!!'” Sue, FL

“I enjoyed an amazing session with Cari.  I continue to enjoy the meditation… I feel I have been changed and it was a difference I realized immediately following our session… It is all really quite wonderful!” Janis, OH

“Coming into your own awareness is not always about understanding your strengths. Through the beautiful work with Cari… I am realizing it’s more about being peaceful at heart and breathing into and moving slowly into the space that holds your weakness. Building what’s been neglected allows you to grow far more than playing on what seemingly makes you strong.” Catherine, WV

“While some of what (Cari) shared already supported what I thought I “knew” intellectually and instinctually, (she) also really helped me to see other patterns and ways of being in a new light, which also brought greater understanding for things that I had been perhaps misinterpreting.  This in turn offered opportunity instead of resignation…” Carol, WV

“The results were incredibly powerful. Between the reading and guided meditation, it was such an amazing experience. I came with incredible tension in my neck and shoulders, a block really, and since I left, it hasn’t returned. My creativity and openness has expanded and for the first time, I do actually believe in myself enough to write. While I still have fear, I know God is with me on wherever this path will lead. (Cari has) an incredible gift, coupled with sincerity and level of caring that comes through, in (her) words and in (her) being…” Randy, VA

“Yes, Cari Cohen is real, in that way that wind is real. I can’t see the wind but I can perceive it. I can’t see or hear what Cari sees and hears but I perceive the truth of it over and over again. Cari is the single greatest gift I have ever allowed myself just by learning to be vulnerable and open the the idea that there is so much I don’t know and that the vastness of God is infinite universes beyond any thought I can hold in my head. And that I am a piece of it, not separate from anything. and that we are all on the same path, trying to know ourselves,” Sarah, WV

“Cari was so wonderful to me! I received a ‘gift certificate’ from a very precious person for Christmas 2012 and it was then that I was introduced to her professionally. Through that winter I continued to see Cari on a weekly then biweekly basis in a private and clean setting. I got to the point where I longed for therapy, as I was having a very difficult time with some transition in my life in regards to a very ill parent and some painful childhood issues. I have reflected back to my healing sessions with Cari many times to help me move forward with different circumstances since then. She is professional, kind, wise and multi-talented. I told a therapist friend of mine recently, that she “saved my life” last winter and truly she did. She gave me the insight that I needed, therefore leaving me energized to work on myself between sessions. She was honest and reassuring and told me when she felt that I was strong enough to continue my growth to move forward on my own, but she never left me feeling as though I couldn’t come back or reach out to her if needed. My heart felt cleansed, and honestly more prepared for these painful events that occur or that have occurred in all of our lives. Her services are diverse yet individualized, you will not leave disappointed,” Judi, WV 

“Amazing! Cari is a very gifted individual, we are fortunate that she shares them with us!! She has helped me tremendously! I highly recommend her!” Julie, VA 

“My mind is opening… I’m shifting. Even if I had the ability to stop it I have absolutely no desire to. Major things ahead. Change is beautiful,” Sara, WV

“It felt powerful and good to get a kind of permission to reside in Unlimitedness. I feel grateful,” Michelle, NC

“We connected with timeless and ancient peace through Cari.” Family Meditation for Brad, Rita & Katie, TX

“My favorite experience was the intuitive guidance experience with Cari Cohen in the spa,” Anonymous review of The Greenbrier on TripAdvisor 

“My cellular matrix was electrified underneath the whole journey. I flowed closer and closer to Essence. I tried not to strain to be present during the call when asked to observe. When asked to observe without judgement, I found that a bit trickier. I then flowed and melted into the smoothness of purple and brown, swirling softly around. Under the swirls was the clear icy stillness of Liberation and True Essence.” Julie B, Charleston, SC

“I am feeling called to listen to last month’s meditation and healing teleconference recording every day this week. I’m not sure why, but I am just going with the flow. It is making such a difference in my life, and those around me, as well. Thank you, Cari!” Elise W, Washington D.C. 

“First, I didn’t, deep down, think I was going to get far with the meditation, what with all that is on my mind, but I was transported to a place of awareness, yet extreme relaxation; it was amazing. By the time we were finished with the healing, I sensed my whole being beaming like a beacon.  It was funny and fun and powerful!” Drue L, Cincinnati, OH

“Cari Cohen has a Divine sweet presence about her that radiates out to her students. I always leave her class feeling blessed, with a smile on my face,” Brenda Telisko, Fitness Instructor, Lewisburg WV

“Discovering Cari’s Yoga and Mantra classes has been a blessing and enrichment to my life. I have grown in Mind Body and Spirit by attending. She offers different levels of yoga moves to accommodate the beginner or long time yoga participants. I use the Mantras she taught frequently to help with stressful times of my life. I have incorporated her teachings and meditations into my daily healthy lifestyle. She is a BLESSING,” Sandy FenstermacherRetired RN, Lewisburg WV

Healing Classes & Workshops
“(Cari’s Stress Reduction Workshop) brought us so much comfort and intention to our days. I found (her) instruction to be so helpful and a great reminder of daily mindful practice of how I react to my chronic pain, what I’m putting in my body that contributes to that pain, and how to notice it without so much judgement,” Holly, MD

“(I have) profound gratitude and thanks to Cari,” Candace, WV

“Loved it!  Thank you!  I learned how to trust myself,” Jackie, WV

“I felt very blessed and honored to be a part of each class and can’t wait to keep moving forward with it.  It was so enjoyable.  I learned (how to be) more peaceful,” Tom, WV

“I appreciate (Cari’s) gentle, inclusive teaching style,” Laura, WV

“I learned to open myself to energy work and increase my awareness.  Cari is awesome!” Richard, WV

“I felt LOVE with every step of this- I felt universal acceptance and guidance which is affirmation that it is right!  Thank you, Cari, for BEING the BEING you ARE,” Mary, WV