Emerging from Covid-19: Meditation & Healing

Thursday, 5/28/20, 4pm ET

Access details will be emailed to you within 24 hours of receipt of your payment. Please register by making your purchase no later than 5/28/20, 2pm ET.

$20 US*

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As we open up, it’s important for us to be eating healthy foods, drinking clean water, spending time in nature, getting enough sleep, exercising and staying relaxed. A major key to staying relaxed is being mindful of when our thoughts and emotions create tension. Tension and stress always block Light and the body’s ability to heal itself.

When we perceive a threat, we often immediately tense up. Energy shifts from the body’s ability to heal and repair to the body’s ability to take action. The same is true with things like the pandemic. If we perceive it as a threat and feel fear or anxiety, the body will respond by diminishing our self-healing mechanisms. This call will help us to use the pandemic to boost our Connection and immunity.

We’ll start with guided meditation and basic breathing exercises to access deeper states of relaxation and awareness. Then we’ll move into distance healing for the group in which I will, with the support of my team of Guides, fuel the Inner Light from which we can elevate consciousness for ourselves and the planet.

I Am/So Hum Meditation is intended as a preparation for this teleconference HERE. You might also want to think of an intention, something you’d like support with.

I hope you’ll join us.

*If you’re experiencing financial difficulty at this time and cannot afford the teleconference fee, please email so we can try to work something out.

This is a general healing and is not diagnostic. For more specific healing support, you might consider booking a private session HERE.

Past Teleconferences

Post-event healing: Your purchase gives you access to the recording and healing. Because in the Spirit or Non-physical world there is no separation of time and space, healing will still be available through the recording. The recording link will be emailed to you within 24 hours of receipt of purchase. 

Recording: Mending Conflict, Cultivating Unity, 5/14/20

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We’re strengthening our Unity Consciousness so that we can respond to emotional triggers and what’s going on around us calmly and clearly. Having this internal foundation will also support our immunity.

Initially, I was guided to set up this call because I was seeing how the division about moving forward is creating “schisms” in personal and collective energy fields. These “schisms” are mostly showing up as fear, uncertainty, doubt, frustration, anger and helplessness.

To mend the outer cracks, we tend to the inner cracks. The more outer division we see, the more we are being asked to cultivate our own Inner Unity. This call will help us fine-tune our own state of and connection to our own Inner Unity.

Recording: Releasing the Karma of Global Crises, 4/30/20

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Global crises, pandemics, epidemics, plagues, wars, and the resulting fear have been happening on the planet for thousands of years if not longer. Even if we haven’t directly experienced these multiple times in our lifetime, an energy pattern or memory still exists in our bodies. This gets passed along from generation to generation. Because everything we are we create (quantum physics), as long as we continue to “run” this program or this energy, we will continue to experience global crises. This recording aids us in releasing these patterns from the body and, in turn, the earth.