Meditation: You have the power to create your life

Notice your breath.

Contemplate the creative aspect of nature.
Feel or imagine the same creative aspect within yourself.
Feel or imagine the power within you to create your future self and life.

Extend your awareness to include your low belly and pelvic floor.
These are creative and power centers in your body.

As you breathe in, imagine or feel your breath going into your low belly and pelvic floor.
Every time you breathe into your low belly and pelvic floor, you increase your power to create your life.

Notice how you feel.

This channeled meditation is for the week, 3/27/16. It’s infused with healing energy to support all who practice. Meditate 5-15 minutes throughout the day. If your mind wonders, it’s perfectly normal. Realizing you’re thinking about something else and refocusing is the practice.

These meditations are used by the Berkshire Health Systems for cancer patients. For Guided Meditation with Cari at The Greenbrier Resort, call 888.598.8412. To receive a channeled Guided Meditation and Healing over the phone, email

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