Meditation: Abundance

Notice your breath

Be present
Notice all blessings surrounding you, all the gifts you’ve been given

Imagine Light streaming into your bank account or wherever you keep money
Imagine an endless supply filling up your account

Imagine freely letting go of money
Paying for someone else’s work, time, creativity and passion
Imagine money flowing in and out, in a circular motion

Imagine you will always have what you need
You might imagine a Guardian Angel or Guide brings you what you need when you ask

If you notice resistance, imagine Light surrounding resistance

Offer thanks for all that you have received and will receive

Notice how you feel

Practice this as a 5-15 minute meditation or throughout the day this week. If your mind wonders, it’s perfectly normal. Realizing you’re thinking about something else and refocusing is the practice.

These meditations are used by the Berkshire Health Systems. They also inspire poetry by Sarah Elkins. For Guided Meditation with Cari at The Greenbrier Resort, call 888.598.8412.

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