Meditation: Compassion

Notice your breath

Explore compassion

You can explore feeling compassion for
loved ones
someone with whom you’re experiencing or have experienced conflict (this could be a family member, colleague, or stranger)
people, in general
those in need
those who feel depressed or lonely
world leaders
those who have committed crimes against humanity, animals or the planet
the planet
your past self when you’ve felt safe and unable to trust
your future self when you might feel unsafe and unable to trust
everyone with whom you came into contact today
everyone with whom you’ll share space or come into contact in the future

Notice how you feel

Practice this as a 5-15 minute meditation and throughout the day as often as possible this week. If your mind wonders, it’s perfectly normal. Realizing you’re thinking about something else and refocusing is the practice.

These meditations are used by the Berkshire Health Systems. They also inspire poetry by Sarah Elkins. For Guided Meditations with Cari at The Greenbrier Resort, call 888.598.8412.

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