Meditation & Tarot: The Star, Tension or Pain

The Star (reversed)
the star
Do everything you can to feel your connection to God, Source, Universe, Oneness.
There is nothing else to do.

15-minute Meditation
Set a timer for 15 minutes
Find a comfortable seated or lying position

Say a prayer out loud or silently for guidance for your practice
Or feel yourself connected to Spirit, God, Source, Creation, Oneness

Bring awareness to your breath
Notice your in-breath
Notice your out-breath
Do this for a few breath cycles or longer

While maintaining a focus on your breath, extend your awareness to include any tension or pain in your body
Just notice
You may want to change your position to allow more relaxation in your body
Allow yourself to be in the most relaxing position possible

Continue to be aware of your breath and any tension or pain
See if you can relax those places every time you exhale

Ask your Guides or your body to help you understand why you’re feeling tension or pain
Listen for the answer

Say a prayer silently or out loud, giving thanks for your practice and blessings
Or feel yourself connected to Spirit, Source, God, Creation, Oneness

Meditation and Guidance are channeled weekly. Cari’s Meditations include self-healing and self-actualization tools for you to use anytime, anywhere. Practice once or twice daily. If your mind wonders, it’s perfectly normal. Realizing you’re thinking about something else and refocusing is part of the practice. For Private or Public Guided Meditations with Cari at The Greenbrier Resort, call 888.598.8412. 

Check back on Sundays or subscribe to this blog for the current channeling. Go to, to read poetry inspired by these meditations. 

5 thoughts on “Meditation & Tarot: The Star, Tension or Pain

  1. Yesterday, while meditating I felt a rush in my head and body. Best described as going down on a roller coaster without the stomach drop feeling being involved. I’ve just started Googling it and it seems to be a real experience. Do you have any thoughts to share on it, perhaps?


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  3. The feeling was more in my head and felt kind of like dizziness or falling, like when you go down a hill on a roller coaster. It felt like a rush. I didn’t seem to react emotionally. I just let it happen. Perhaps the only thing I felt was surprise. And, I can’t say that it was unpleasant, nor was it enthralling. Googling provides too many explanations, unfortunately. I’ll just acknowledge my experience then. I was doing it to before going to bed but in another room. Perhaps I was falling asleep but thought I was wide awake still.


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