Meditation & Tarot: Queen of Cups, Gratitude

Tarot Guidance
Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups
Keep your heart open.
Stay in love.
Be loving.
Allow yourself to know what you know.
Trust your Intuition.
Allow Divine Guidance to come through you.
Believe in the Guidance and Intuition coming through you.

15-minute Meditation
Set a timer for 15 minutes
Find a comfortable seated or lying position

Say a prayer out loud or silently for guidance for your practice
Or feel yourself connected to Spirit, God, Source, Creation, Oneness

Bring awareness to your breath
Bring awareness to your heart and your heartbeat

Contemplate all the support you are given and have been given
Feel gratitude for all support
Notice where in your body you feel gratitude
Notice how being in gratitude feels

If you can’t feel gratitude, say “thank you,” silently or out loud for all support

Say a prayer silently or out loud, giving thanks for your practice and blessings
Or feel yourself connected to Spirit, Source, God, Creation, Oneness

Meditation and Guidance are channeled weekly. Cari’s Meditations include self-healing and self-actualization tools for you to use anytime, anywhere. Practice once or twice daily. If your mind wonders, it’s perfectly normal. Realizing you’re thinking about something else and refocusing is part of the practice. To experience Guided Meditations with Cari at The Greenbrier Resort, call 888.598.8412. 

Check back on Sundays or subscribe to this blog for the current channeling. Go to, to read poetry inspired by these meditations. 

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