Meditation & Tarot: Knight of Wands, Sun

Tarot Guidance
Knight of Wands
knight of wands
Use the intensity of this week to move forward in career and self-improvement.
Allow yourself to explore and be focused on your life’s purpose.
Your life’s purpose is Divinely inspired.
Use your spiritual base to become more of who you are.
Allow the Divine to manifest fully in you and through you.

15-Minute Meditation & Healing
Practice when the sun is visible
Come into a comfortable seated position
Facing the sun

Say a prayer, asking for guidance for your practice
Or feel yourself in alignment with your Spiritual Guidance

Notice where you feel or sense the sun’s rays most strongly on you
If you can’t feel or sense this, imagine it to be so
Focus on the relationship between your body and the sun in this moment
Notice all the places you feel or imagine the sun’s connection

Allow the sun’s energy to penetrate your entire being
Imagine or feel the sun’s energy in areas of tension or concern
Reposition yourself if you’d like to feel the sun on a different area of your body
Allow yourself to notice healing energy and power running through you
Allow yourself to feel Divinely empowered

Say a prayer of thanks
Or feel gratitude for this gift you have allowed yourself

Meditation, Self-Healing and Guidance are channeled weekly. Please check back on Sundays or subscribe to this blog for the current channeling. Poetry inspired by these meditations, can be read at

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