Meditation & Tarot: 3 of Pentacles, Heart

Tarot Guidance
3 0f Pentacles (Reversed)
3 of pentacles
Don’t be so focused on what’s in front of you that you can’t see what’s around you.
Allow yourself to have some space, spaciousness.
Allow flexibility and spontaneity.
You may find yourself having trouble focusing on the tasks you think you need to focus on. Allow yourself to notice this. Let go of any need to focus. By not focusing, you allow more possibilities and solutions to be available to you.

15-Minute Meditation & Self-Healing
Preparation: Light a candle or fire. Or find a comfortable seated or lying position within view of the sun or moon. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Practice daily in the morning, evening or both.

Bring your awareness to your breath
Notice your in-breath
Notice your out-breath

Say a prayer silently or out loud,
Asking for guidance for your practice

Notice your physical body
Notice areas of tension
Notice any light or lightness in your body

Bring your awareness to your heart
Imagine or feel a flame or light in your heart space
Notice if this is easy or challenging
If it’s challenging, gaze at a candle or fire

As you breath in and out, allow yourself to maintain a focus on the flame or light in your heart
This flame or light is constant
It is always present
Feel this light spreading to your entire body, bringing physical and emotional healing

Meditation, Self-Healing and Guidance are channeled weekly. Please check back on Sundays or subscribe to this blog for the current channeling. Poetry inspired by these meditations, can be read at

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