Feel relaxed. Be in your power. Release suffering and negative thoughts. Change old patterns. Create harmony. Live purposefully. Be the Light.

Conditioned energy patterns can make it hard to feel and do these things. Over time, they can also contribute to physical symptoms: pain, tension, illness or disease. Or emotional symptoms: worry, concern, fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness or powerlessness.

Cari helps clear these patterns so that you can have a deeper experience of the pure Light within you.

Spiritual Healing:
You have a physical body and an energy body. Cari works with your energy body. Because your energy body is less dense, change can happen quickly. She channels healing and guidance and transmits frequencies based on what you need. She also practices Divine Alchemy, a process of taking negative energy into her body and transmuting it into pure Light. Meditation, visualizations or focused awareness may also be used.

Healings are also for couples, families, groups or businesses in-person or via phone. Cari can see and work with patterns playing out between people. She can also work with people at the same time who are not related or working through an interpersonal dynamic but are just wanting individual healing in a group setting. 

Healing can be done during a Swedish Massage or Thai Massage. Thai Massage incorporates assisted stretches and pressure points. You stay fully clothed during a Thai Massage.

Pay for your session via PayPal in advance by clicking the “buy now” button. If you cancel and give at least 24-hours notice, your full payment is refunded. You can also work with Cari at The Greenbrier Resort, 888.598.8412, for an additional fee. Even though (1) session is powerful, a series of (3) sessions will give you the most support.

(1) session in Downtown Lewisburg office or via phone
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(3) session series in Downtown Lewisburg office or via phone
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Learn how to focus your awareness. Find peace within yourself. After scanning your energy body, Cari guides you in mindfulness, self-healing or self-empowerment practices specific to your needs. Your meditation can be recorded. You don’t need to be able to sit on the floor or clear your mind of thoughts.

Cari’s meditations are used for patients at The Berkshire Medical Center in Massachusetts. She also guides meditation at The Greenbrier privately and for corporate retreats.

Meditative Movement:
Find stillness in movement. Listen to your body. Practice greater self-awareness, self-inquiry and self-acceptance. You’ll learn simple ways to feel more relaxed within minutes.  Corporate classes are available.

Enjoy gentle slow meditative flow. Explore your unique relationship to the Divine through your breath and body. This class is designed to help you relax into who you were meant to be. Great for beginners. Corporate classes are available.

Tarot Readings for Events:
Notice patterns playing out in your relationship to yourself, family, friends or job. This ancient mystical system can shed light what supports and challenges you so you can move forward. This is for guidance only, it’s not an “on-demand” psychic reading.

Fire Dancing Classes and Performances:
Learn mesmerizing rhythmic and geometric martial art-like movements. Feel powerful, sensual, centered and energized. You’ll learn poi. Poi is Maori for “ball” on a chain. The Maori of New Zealand traditionally sing and play music while swinging poi around their bodies. Private classes or performances are available.

Schedule spiritual healing, tarot readings, meditation, meditative movement and yoga workshops or retreats. Call for rates, 304.520.5222.

6 thoughts on “Services

  1. Cari,

    So nice to see you earlier on this amazing Spring like day! Just wondering what is the best way to contact you concerning possible treatments? I will be in touch after my appointment Wednesday afternoon.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Allyson, Yes! Lovely to see you too! Texting is probably the best way to reach me, 304.520.5222. The next available times I have are Thursday, 3/12, 11:30am, Tuesday, 3/17, 2pm, Wednesday, 3/18, 10am. I hope your appointment on Wednesday goes well…


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