Breakthroughs for individuals, couples, families, groups and businesses

Let go of fear and unconscious patterns. Understand core issues affecting you. Strengthen your own natural healing ability. Be aware of solutions and how to move forward. Experience freedom from physical and emotional suffering. Feel relaxed and supported by your connection to Spirit.

Since 2001, clients have sought Cari’s healing for help with some of the following: anger, sadness, grief, fear, anxiety, stress, frustration, feeling overwhelmed, stuck, sleep, uncertainty, relationships, career, headaches, backaches, mysterious pains and symptoms, chronic and acute pain, pre- and post- surgery health, menstrual issues, death, dying, fatal disease, illness, sciatica, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, bi-polar, depression, Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Attention-Deficit, Lou Gehrig’s, addiction, eating disorders, physical injuries from accidents or repetitive use, healing from past emotional trauma, healing relationships with family members who have passed, grieving family members who have passed, and so on and so forth.

Healing & Tarot Reading*, Massage or Thai-style Massage
By appointment only
$125/ session
$300/ (3) sessions
*In-office or long-distance for individuals, couples, families, groups or businesses
Or schedule Tarot Readings at your event

Meditation & Self-Healing
Wednesdays, 7:30-8:15pm
Saturdays, 10:30-11:15am
$12/ drop-in
$50/ (5) sessions
Bring a pillow and/or blanket if you’d like to sit or lie on the floor
Heartstrings Academy
Watch a video about Cari discovering Meditation as a healing tool for children
Or schedule a private Meditation for your family, group or business meeting

Every session begins with you sharing what you want to change or would like more clarity on. Cari uses clairvoyance to help you understand the core issue(s) being transformed and healed. When the healing work is complete, you discuss the shifts and openings that occurred. She shares additional insights about what you can do to help yourself move forward.

In-office Healing & Tarot:
After the initial reading and sharing, you lie on an amethyst Biomat fully clothed. Cari lightly holds your ankles while you sink into deep relaxation, strengthen your Divine connection and heal.

Distance Healing & Tarot:
Cari calls you at an agreed upon session time. After sharing, you hang up. She calls you back once the healing is complete to share information about core issues, shifts and openings that occurred and what you can do to help yourself move forward.

Distance Healing during a test, interview or surgery:
The session is set for when you’re taking a test, interviewing or having surgery. When you’re available, you connect via phone to discuss the shifts that occurred.

Healing & Massage or Thai-style Massage:
Healing is channeled during the massage. With Thai-style massage, gentle rhythmic pressure and assisted stretches open up all major meridians to increase the flow of energy or chi. This is often called Thai-yoga massage, however, yoga experience and flexibility are not required. Cari is on the table with you for some of the session. Wear loose comfortable clothing.

In-person Group Healing:
You begin with a guided meditation. Cari channels healing for the whole group and for each person individually. Afterward, you can share any new awareness with the group. Cari shares with you, privately or with the group, what shifted and what you can do to help yourself experience greater balance.

Distance Couple, Family, Group or Business Healing:
Cari calls each person separately when the session begins and ends. These sessions are especially helpful in releasing unconscious patterns and dynamics between people who are related or engage with each other daily.

Meditation & Self-Healing:
Meditation and self-healing are channeled. This sacred practice will help you feel more peaceful and joyful. Aromatherapy is also used to uplift you and open your heart chakra. Wear something comfortable. You can sit in a chair or sit or lie on the floor. Walking meditation and easy gentle movement may be included.There’s an opportunity for you to share before and after the practice.

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