Journey with Cari for inspiration, self-discovery and expanded consciousness. Cari blends Tarot, Meditation, Intuitive Guidance and Spiritual and Energy Healing into unforgettable experiences. These customized sessions help you feel more relaxed, inspired and empowered. They can be especially insightful if you are in a transition.

Your Journey begins with Guided Meditation and a moment of your own Silent Prayer to quiet your mind and set an intention. This will establish a foundation from which you can receive wisdom from your Higher Guidance throughout the session.

A simple positive Tarot Reading will identify patterns playing out in your life. Tarot Readings are insightful especially when you’re making decisions or changes in your life.

Lying on a comfortable infrared-heated bed of amethyst crystals in a dimly lit room with soft music, you transition into Intuitive Guidance. Cari intuitively connects with you and shares new perspectives and paradigm shifts you are experiencing from the spiritual connection and healing.

Your Journey may take you into personalized guided meditation, visualization, imagery, lucid dreaming, connection or relaxation exercises. Wherever your Journey takes you, you’ll experience your Divine Support more deeply. If you need to connect with someone in your life who has passed, that may happen most strongly at this time. Messages, insights and affirmations may come to you directly from your Higher Guidance as your consciousness shifts or they may come through Cari.

Your Journey finishes with blissful Spiritual or Energy Healing to transform unconscious patterns of fear, stress and anxiety as well as strengthen your connection to Oneness. This final piece is designed to heal, empower and enlighten you.

Healing Journeys
By appointment only
in Lewisburg office or long-distance
$125/ session
$300/ (3) sessions

Journeys for couples, families, groups and businesses are available

Journeys can also be scheduled at The Greenbrier Spa or The Salt Cave and Spa for an additional fee

The Greenbrier Resort
Fridays, 9-10am
Saturdays, 10-11am
Reservations suggested

The Salt Cave & Spa
Sundays, 11am-noon
(10) Session package available
Reservations required

Tarot Readings, Meditation and Group Healing can also be scheduled for events

Watch a video about Cari discovering Meditation as a healing tool for children

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